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As the name suggests, brand guidelines are a set of clear-cut rules that define how the branding elements like logo, colours, and messages would be represented to your consumers. Qualnex offers brand guidelines design in Kochi for organisations to help them build a public image. Brand guidelines usually consist of two broad categories: the brand identity, including mission, vision, and nature of your business in a nutshell, and the brand assets such as logo, colour palette, typography and their proper usage.


We understand the significance of brand guidelines when it comes to rebranding or launching a new company. Our team of experts ensure developing excellent brand guidelines design in Kochi for your organisation to be able to efficiently communicate within your business as well as externally with your partners, associates, and consumers.

Brand Guidelines Design in Kochi - Brand Guidelines in Kerala

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Importance of brand guidelines

Brand guidelines enable a company to create consistency throughout the different branding elements such as typefaces, colours, and logo design. There are quite a few persuasive reasons to have a set of brand guidelines for a company which are listed below.

Uniformity and recognizable

Uniformity in branding elements makes your brand visible. Building a distinguished identity for a brand takes a lot of time and effort. However, once you have set rules in place, you can create a unique brand for your business.

Increased Efficiency

When a company plans to launch new products or services, the teams are often overloaded with work pressure. In such a scenario, having a set of brand guidelines can come handy as you don’t need to work on the design from scratch.

Brand Identity Design in Kochi - Brand Identity Design in Kerala

Establishing design rules and standards

A brand guideline comprises of rules on appropriately using your visual branding elements. A standard for using the logo, wordmark, colour palette, and typography is set so that anyone who needs to use the branding for any purpose can do so without stumbling.

Brand Value

When there is a consistency in the identity of a brand, the value of the brand gets a boost. Cohesive brand design has a polished and professional appearance making it more trustworthy in public eyes.

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