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Qualnex is a leading Search Engine Marketing Company Cochin that focuses on the intricate details of the PPC advertising method. In other words, Qualnex enables your company to successfully generate leads using PPC method.

PPC or pay-per-click is an online advertisement aspect of digital marketing. Here, an advertiser is charged every time their advertisement is clicked upon. As digital marketing keeps evolving, PPC becomes a more integral part of it.


To clarify, Google is the top search engine that gets over 3.6 billion search hits per day. For this reason, companies often hire Google AdWords experts to efficiently manage their PPC accounts. To sum up, Qualnex is one such highly trusted Google AdWords company in Cochin that can vastly improve your sales.

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How it works

With the rapidly increasing use of digital devices like smartphones and tablets, people are getting more digitally aware. As a result, companies are focusing on building online persona and integrating digital marketing with their marketing strategies.


Google AdWords companies in Cochin help to efficiently advertise your brand. In the first place, they enable your brand to reach its target audience at the right moment. Next, they focus on creating leads from these audience. In other words, these agencies help bringing more customers towards your company.

Search Engine Marketing Company Cochin - PPC Agency in Kochi

Keyword analysis

We identify specific keyword patterns and search queries to establish a potential lead

Search Engine Marketing Company Cochin - PPC Agency in Kochi


Trend spotting by monitoring the search words/phrases closely, consequently repeated usage could signify a possible demand

Search Engine Marketing Company Cochin - PPC Agency in Kochi


Assess an overall ROI which serves as a guideline to control the payable amount and scope of ad purchase

Social Media Marketing Company in Kochi, Kerala - Qualnex

Competitive analysis

It is essential to keep a track of the tactics and strategies utilized by competitors to retain market value

Search Engine Marketing Company Cochin - PPC Agency in Kochi

Negative match

A user who is unlikely to convert can be filtered out to optimize ad spend

Search Engine Marketing Company Cochin - PPC Agency in Kochi

A/B Testing

Perform split tests to optimize PPC ROIs. Graphics, texts and other display variables used interchangeably can help find the most effective method

Power up your workflow with integrations

Dedicated and custom-made digital marketing solutions created by us to boost your ranking in search engines.

Why choose us?

Qualnex is known for its finesse in providing excellent ad campaigns coupled with extensive market experience for running campaigns among a plethora of Google AdWords companies. For instance, we provide fully optimized AdWords campaigns with a guaranteed improvement of your ROI profile. A team of the best certified Google AdWords experts in the business, highly capable of mining profitable keywords generating relevant traffic at minimal costs helps in achieving this.

Qualnex, delivers the best results backed by comprehensive research of your requirement. Furthermore, by formulating the most effective strategies to provide you with a competitive edge over your peers and quality leads for your business, we are one of the most reliable PPC agencies in Kochi, .

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