With the advent of the 21st century and the rapid growth of technology, businesses have found new ways of marketing and keeping up with the demands of their clients and the industry. Marketing refers to the activities a business or a brand undertakes in order to promote the buying and selling of the said business or brands’ products, services, and solutions. It includes advertisements found offline on magazines, billboards, or even direct mail. Digital marketing, sometimes also referred to as online marketing, refers to the same activities undertaken digitally, i.e., using the internet or using other forms of digital communication. In this article, you will get to know everything about digital marketing. 

What is Digital Marketing?

As mentioned above, Digital Marketing refers to any marketing activity that is undertaken and measured via electronic devices. To better understand it in layman’s terms, it is any marketing activity that one can find on electronic devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. It can be social media posts, display ads, videos found online, etc. 

Statistics show us that the number of internet users in India increased by 47 million (+8.2%) and the number of social media users in India increased by 78 million (+21%) between 2020 and 2021. If you are a business or a brand, now is the right time to promote your business or brand online. With a good digital strategy, one can promote their business or brand, increase their online presence, provide the best customer experience and also drive more potential customers to one’s business or brand. Depending on the business model, one can go for either B2B or B2C digital marketing.

B2B Digital Marketing Vs B2C Digital Marketing


Types of Digital Marketing

There are different types of digital marketing strategies one can implement to promote and grow one’s business or brand. A few are mentioned below:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a business or brand’s website traffic to its website from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. SEO involves creating a list of keywords, analysing search engine rankings, optimizing the content on the business or brands website, building links to the page, etc. Important things to take care of when optimizing website content is to make sure that the website is responsive, that the user engagement is high, that the quality of the content is good, that the inbound links are good, etc.

Social Media Marketing

As mentioned above, social media users have increased and this is the right time to do social media marketing. This involves driving traffic and creating brand awareness by engaging people online on different targetted social media platforms. Popular social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, etc in no particular order. One advantage of social media marketing is its built-in metrics to measure engagement. This helps businesses and brands to understand how to reach customers. Social media marketing not only helps in sales but also acts as a good relationship builder between a customer and a business or brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is simple. One sends a promotional email to a customer and hopes it is opened. One crucial aspect of email marketing is that the customer needs to opt into receiving this promotional email. To make sure that a customer opts into receiving these promotional emails, they need to be personalized (both the body of the email and the subject line of the email), and they need to specify the message of the email clearly. The customer should also be provided with an option to opt out or unsubscribe from these promotional or transactional emails. The customer should not feel that the campaign is only a tool to promote the business or brand, but also adds value to the customer.

Affiliate Marketing

Businesses and brands use a promoter (who could be a social media influencer also) to promote the business/brand. The promoter will get paid a commission when someone purchases from the business or brand they promote. The business needs to pay the affiliate for the sales they have helped convert. Affiliates can promote a business or brand by reviewing the product of the said business or brand on a blog or on third-party websites or social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Pay-per-click Marketing

As the name suggests, Pay per click or PPC is when a business or a brand posts ads on a third-party platform and pays for every click on the ad. These ads posted on the platforms could be transactional or non-transactional and basically helps in converting a potential customer into a customer.


Advantages of Digital Marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Popular digital marketing companies in Kerala

When it comes to finding a digital marketing company that works, one needs to know how to choose a digital marketing company. One needs to look at the portfolio of the company and check out their past works for their clients. An important factor is the company’s own website. It needs to be well-designed and up-to-date. Another factor is the team. The team needs to be experienced and highly specialized with respect to digital marketing. Check out the process the company follows in onboarding a client, their core values, company culture, etc.

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