How to get traffic to your website in 2021

You’ve set up your business, bought a domain and created a website. The next step is to get traffic to your website so that sales happen. Website traffic is how you know the number of users visiting your website. There are Website Analytics tools available on the internet to help you measure your website traffic. These tools help you understand the number of people who have visited your website, the number of times they have visited, and more. When your website traffic increases, your opportunities to make a sale increases. This in turn increases your revenue. However, if the traffic to your website is not from the relevant users, this increase in traffic is of no use. Here are a few ways to increase your traffic to your website that are still relevant in 2021:


Yes, Search Engine Optimization is still one of the important ways to increase traffic to your website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing traffic to your website via search engines. You need to build a strong foundation for your website using relevant keywords, even long-tail keywords. SEO is known to help create organic traffic to websites. While ensuring that your website is search engine optimized, you need to make sure that you write about topics that people would be searching on Google and other search engines.

● Guest Posts

Guest blogging or guest posts is still a relevant way to increase your website traffic. Reach out to people for whom you can write guest blogs or posts. Most site owners will allow you to link back to your website. This increases referral traffic and the backlinks correlate with rankings. It is easier for people to trust your brand too. This goes both ways. You can also invite niche bloggers or contributors to write posts or blogs on your website.

● Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is something people forget to do after the initial research they do for setting up their brand. Studying your competitor will help you understand the main source of the traffic to their website. This way you can figure out the best marketing channel you need to focus on.  You can use free tools like Alexa to check the list of websites users visited before visiting your competitor’s website. Based on the results, you can figure out if you need to focus on Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Guest blogging, etc.

● Social Media

Social Media now has billions and billions of users across the world. ‘Now’ is the right time to focus on social media marketing to increase traffic to your website. Your target audience is sure to engage in one social media platform or the other. Answering questions on Quora is another method to increase your credibility and establish your authority in your niche. Make sure to answer the questions well and provide quality. Another method is to write on Medium which is a user-generated site. They value good content. Medium’s recommendation engine suggests articles based on a readers interest. This means that even the topics with no search potential can be found by readers.

● Promotion

Once you have written some good content, it is time to promote the same. There are a lot of tactics to promote content. You can submit the content to aggregator sites. They are sites that collect content from other sites. Examples are Reddit, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, etc. You can also promote your website via blogger outreach, email outreach, sharing it on relevant online communities and forums, etc.

● Contests and Giveaways

If you are an e-commerce website, contests and giveaways are a sure shot way to increase your website traffic. This should be a part of your e-commerce strategy so that there is regular traffic to your website from these contests and giveaways. If you incorporate social media sharing for these campaigns, that increases its reach and gives you the word of mouth marketing as well. According to HubSpot, one-third of your contest entrants would be willing to receive more information from brands. This means that you can market to them in the future and convert these prospects to sales. You can even personalize and market to them since you will already have information regarding their interests.

There are a lot more ways in which you can increase the traffic to your website. However, the most effective way to increase your website traffic will depend on your brand and its users. You will learn the best ways to increase traffic to a website only through trial and error. At Qualnex, we have successfully helped our clients optimize their websites, and increase the traffic to their websites that resulted in an increase in their ROI. Our team of experts understand the different ways to increase traffic to a website. Get in touch with us here and help us grow your business!