Tasting your fruit of success easily & instantly is tedious in the current competitive environment. Using practical and modern tools is vital to reach success and leadership. You need to concentrate on both the home page and landing page if your goal is to enhance your sales, attract new customers, and carry out any service or product promotions to pay attention to multiple golden opportunities. You can stick with the best web design company in Kochi to help with web design tips while creating an effective home and landing pages for your products or service.

What is a home page and landing page?

The home page is the first thing the visitor checks out while entering your website. It’s essential to provide them with the result they need to start browsing for your products and services. Similarly, the landing page is considered to be the cornerstone of perfect online marketing. The landing page is the page that the visitor sees when they click any of your links from a post, an ad, or email. The page should provide the visitor with the information they require in an exciting way so that they will be ready to take a singular and specific action. Almost all landing pages will ask the visitor to place an order, subscribe to the newsletter, register on the website, call for the office, and more. It means this act as an essential tool to enhance your SEO traffic.

How to design your home page and landing page effectively?

First, let’s check out for the home page and then the landing page.

Tips for creating an active home page

Focus on your website content

The important thing you need to provide the visitor when landing on the home page is that the targeted audience gets the required thing they came in search of. You need to know what your targeted audience needs so that you can improve your sales both in-store and online. Make sure you are excitedly sharing the information, and also the content should be relevant to the things they need.

For instance, you can share the testimonials, photos of your products or services, product reviews, or pricing with them. It will increase your business credibility and your services and products to get popular in the market.

Visual is a crucial element

When the visitor lands on your web page, you need to evoke their feelings and curiosity. You need to know what your targeted audience would like to experience. Whether it may be laughing or even crying. A home page with no spark or curiosity means no visitors to your website.

Make it attractive

It’s mandatory to focus on your website appearance. You need to make your home page simple and beautiful with chosen images, fonts, and colors.

A powerful call to action will work

The best way to improve your website’s functionality is to add a call to action on your home page. For example, Call today to know about the trends, click on the link to get a free trial version of the product, enroll with us to get a free membership, and so on. This will make the visitor happy, and they will love to get your products and services. The hyperlinks you provide over the call to action is essential. Test whether they work correctly so that the visitor can reach you instantly.

Tips for creating an attractive landing page

Stay focused on navigation

You need to make sure whether the navigation of your landing page is simple. The content should be visible on the screen before the visitor scrolls off the page. Ensure eliminating any links, images, and information that are not relevant to the product you are offering.

Color Psychology is mandatory

Color Psychology plays a vital role while making your landing page optimization. According to science, color is powerful enough to describe positive and negative things. Research shows that choosing the right colors, among other elements, will help to boost the conversion by 24%. According to Satyendra Singh, 62 to 90% of the customer interaction is calculated by the product color. If you need to know more about color Psychology, I would recommend you guys to read out Neil Patel’s blog on how to Use the Psychology of Color to Increase Website Conversions.

Typography matters

Font type, font size, white space between letters, individual characters, symbols, spacing, and more are a few Typography elements. There are many typography practices you need to focus on while designing your landing pages.

  • Cohesive and attractive design
  • Aligning typeface selections with the target market
  • Avoid fancy typeface
  • Make use of the stand-out font when it comes to call to action
  • Sans-Serif or Just serif, you need to pick any one of this for headline text and other for body copy.
  • Ensure headline size is proportional to the body copy
  • Make sure you have white space as it offers easier readability for the users.

You need to read this blog How Typography affects conversion from Neil Patel so that you will come to know about the importance of typography.

Discreet content

The landing page content should be to the point that your visitors require. You need to highlight your essential and UVP (Unique Value Proposition). Do not dump with excessive information because there are chances for the visitors to cause inconvenience, and they may leave the page. Focus on heading, subheadings, and call to actions.

  • Heading – The visitor should understand what products or services you are offering.
  • Subheading – Here, you should explain the product that you are offering the visitors. Choose subtitles correctly in a way that the visitors come to know about your products.
  • Call to action: Offer a clickable and captivating call to action. It will help the visitor to request a demo of your product, sign up, purchase, or perform any other activity.  

Scannable copy

Most of the online readers use it to scan the website content for future use. It means you need to make your website landing page copy Scannable with the help of lists and bullet points to break up the different text or show variation in the font color and size to show the difference between the essential page elements.

SEO Optimization

You need to optimize your landing page using SEO so that you’re landing page appears on the search pages. When a visitor searches for any information with a keyword, your landing page should get listed on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). For example, if the visitor is searching for the best web design company in Kochi, you need to optimize the landing page for the keyword Web Design Company in Kochi.

Responsiveness matters

Responsive and mobile-friendliness is vital for any website. It’s also one of the major ranking factors of Google. You need to make your landing page mobile-friendly so that the visitors can check your page from desktop, mobile, or laptop.

Make use of images and videos

Visually pleasing photos and videos with relevant content should be added to your landing page. You need to make sure whether the pictures and videos are short and whether the visitors feel enthusiastic to check them and purchase your products or services. When it comes to images, make sure to add your face rather than adding stock images. More research says that real photos increase the conversion rate by 50% over the stock images. Video helps to make the visitors too close and also educates the importance of your service or product.

Customer testimonials are important

You can increase the trust and confidence of the visitors through the customer testimonials. Add the testimonials of the current customers through quotes on your landing page. It acts as a proof for the work you have done for them.

Utilize trust symbols

You should make use of the accolades, awards, and other similar trust symbols of your brand on the landing page. If you have worked with famous brands, you can add their logos on your landing page to increase your visitors’ trust.

Contact Information

Make sure to display your contact information that includes your name, the company name, Google Map of your locations, the social media channel links, phone number, etc. clearly to your landing page without fail. Apart from this, you should add social share buttons so that the visitors visiting your website can share the content with their social media channels or with any other friends.

A/B testing

It is one of the best ways to compare single variable versions. You can easily understand which variant is active, either A or B. You need to ensure the landing page editor is enabling you to make the A/B testing so that you can perform optimization for each element and make sure you are acquiring the right conversion rate that you are looking for.

Bottom Line

A professional home page and landing page means you will boost the conversion rate of your products or services. It’s one of the effective platforms that integrate psychological techniques and marketing to create the best motivation for taking any action like ordering, purchasing, and more by the visitors. Stick with some best web design companies in Kochi to make a perfect home and landing page for your website.