Logo Design Trends 2020 is already in the bloom, and we are going to check out the top Logo Design Trends that you can follow to make your Logo a centerpiece of your company’s or business brand identity in 2020.

Each year the logo design trends change. For instance, It was bright colors, pixelated designs, swoosh people, social media optimized logos, and simple letter play, which was the popular logo trends in 2018. But in 2019, the logo design trends completely changed to simple typography, responsive logo design, and vintage-style logos.

Similarly, few other changes are occurring in Logo Design trends 2020 too. The best way to pick the best logo design company in Kochi, and start designing the popular and trending logo design for your brand.

What does your Logo represent?

Even though the logo design trends change, the principle remains ideal. Here are some points I have come up in to explain to you how a logo should be and what they represent below.

  • A logo is visually appealing if your Logo captures your brand’s personality and purpose.
  • The people should recognize your Logo instantly once they see it.
  • A logo needs to be scalable, versatile, and timeless.
  • A logo should have functional design elements like font, shape, and color, as they are merely called to be the icing on the cake.

5 Logo Trends Designs to watch out in 2020:

I have come up with top 5 logo trend designs that could improve your brand identity in 2020.

  1. 3D Look Gradients Logo
  2. Overlapping Logos
  3. Responsive Logos
  4. Simplistic and Minimalism Logos
  5. Animated and Video logos

3D look Gradients Logo

3D Gradients are ruling the Logo design trends 2020, and the 3D effect of the gradients has made them so popular. Gradients are one of the best options for combining multiple colors to a zestful spectrum, which gives you the full feel of energy and life to your Logo. Custom Logo formation prefers gradients as it’s one of the best concepts to choose from. The depth in logos, 3D effect, and tapered gradients are the main reason why it falls first under the Logo design trends in 2020. The 3D gradient logos are the vibrant option for a digital marketing business. One negativity of this 3D gradient logo is that the Logo is challenging to print, but it can be the best option for screens.

Overlapping Logos:

Overlapping logos has also taken an essential place in the logo design trends 2020. Overlapping logos can be overlapped in different ways, namely over a single letter, shape, or the complete shape or letter, and also covering the full elements in a logo. Designers are making use of the overlapping logos to push back semi-flat and flat designs in logos. The shapes and hues will remain simple in an overlapping logo, but the multi-layers will be used to create more complicated logos that help businesses and organizations to represent their services or products. You can hire the best logo designer company in Kochi to design the best and custom overlapping logo for your business.

Responsive Logos:

To solve any digital design problems, responsive logos are used to retain the image clarity at any size. Ready to enhance your brand experience across web and print media at any size with Responsive Logo. The responsive design logo helps the designers to retain both function and form. They provide you complete web experience and scales elements to enhance brand recognition. Responsive Logos are the best options for branding agencies, responsive websites, and mobile apps that need to stay ahead of the curve.

Simplistic and Minimalism Logos:

Curves, dots, squares, and lines are the best type of simple and minimalist geometric shape logos that can make your brand win. Minimalist and simple logos are chosen for most of the brand identity materials with a unique color scheme and code with the black and white version. It also provides a sense of humor and warmth to your brand identity. Simple and minimalist logos are preferred by most of them as they can be easily adapted and also suits any medium and background. Simple and fun-filled logos mostly decipherable, and therefore you can make your customers recall it easily.

Animated and Video logos

If you have a funny logo, then your brand seems to be friendlier to the users. Cartoon logos creates cheer, optimism, and fun for users. Outline cartoon style, flat cartoon style, and Doodle cartoon logos style are more impressive. The best logo design company in Kochi can make your video and animated cartoon logos more interesting. At present, the designers mix up 2D and 3D animation in both complex and simple logos with moving parts, which create visually appealing Logo to your brand. The animated and video cartoon logo can tell what your brand is to your customers.

Apart from this, various business logo design trends can make your brand shine. Some of them include Chaotic arrangement logos, scaling, Emblems, geometrical letters, creative letter logos, retro-style logo, semitransparent shapes, engraved/metal logos, logotypes/custom fonts, isometric logos, animated black and white logos, 80s throwback logos, ultra-thin line logos, vintage cartoon logos, and more.

Bottom Line

Trends differ, but simple logos never go out of their style. Simple and Uniqueness are two key points you have to keep in mind while creating a logo for your brand. Simple and unique logos always are easier to remember and never fade away from your customers. If you need any help, you can contact a professional logo company in Kochi and start crafting your logo design. Any queries? Ask us through the comment section below.