Search Engine Optimization or SEO as we know it, is basically optimization of your website, increasing the traffic in quantity and quality with the help of organic searches. It brings in more visibility for your site on search engine results. The more your visibility, the more you gain existing and prospective customers. Then again, SEO services can be divided into two kinds – Short term as well as Long term SEO. So, the next question is quite plainly – Do I choose Short-term or Long-Term SEO”? Which one is more advantageous? Well, the best SEO company in Kochi, a reputable organization can help you with your answer. Quite simply, short-term SEO probably does not even exist. It is just a smaller part of the bigger picture -which is the long-term SEO. But let us go deeper –

  • In the long run, short-term SEO does not work well at all. Like they say, it is slow and steady that can get you not only through the race but make you win too. Google expects not a huge increase at once in the backlinks. But what they expect is a steady increase. This shows them that the website is gaining organic backlinks and not paid ones. This is exactly how the best SEO company in Kochi can get you results – the right way!
  • Short-term campaigns rely on social mentions and link building. Things are expected so fast that there is hardly any time to concentrate on website factors or on-page optimization too much. That eventually means that the person/firm doing the short-term SEO might fail to recognize the pertinent landing pages and would be emphasizing only on the homepage. Google gets to know that this is not normal and other than the homepage, your website does not have anything worthwhile. Google’s red flags might also be raised to the fact that you are probably paying for building of links in a small timeframe.
  • The search engine algorithms keep developing and growing. Accordingly, with every advancing algorithm, software engineers try and make their algorithms that can come up with correct results. But, even with all this effort there are chances that things may not go the right way. There could be a drop in the client’s search engine traffic. Then the algorithm is analysed, and changes are made. Changes are accordingly implemented, and results are impatiently waited for. Such kind of algorithm chasing becomes a game that doesn’t bring good results. This ultimately becomes a tedious job with not optimal results. Short- term services thus do not really work well. The ROI doesn’t really turn out well for the website owner.
  • Short-term SEO can negatively affect the rankings and may even end up in penalization by the search engines. Such short-term SEO offers are usually made only by rookies or those who are inexperienced. A reputable firm and one of the best SEO company in Kochi would never offer something of this kind – short-term SEO or packages involving link building. Experienced companies are aware that optimization can be advantageous only if the link building is shown as natural to Google. This is where long-term SEO comes into the picture.
  • Whether you plan to hire the best SEO company in Kochi or choose to go with an in-house campaign, you need to set up a long-term aim and a long-term SEO strategy which can be applied gradually. Priorities need to be set and your SEO company needs to offer priorities with your long-term campaign. On-page optimization, organic link network construction, social presence creation – all this can be done slow and steady. If someone is telling you otherwise, you probably should know that it isn’t possible.


Are you expecting your blog or website to bring you profits within six months? Please simmer down and realize that it is not possible, and it is best to not be in a hurry. These are unrealistic goals! Do not try and ruin your own business even before starting it.


Long-term SEO services is considered better as the implementation is better. It is more search friendly and keyword focused. Proper analysis, research and implementation is done and accordingly marketing strategies are used. Such a website receives qualified traffic in time. This happens despite all the changes in the algorithms and the new search engines evolving. After all, people prefer using a website which is easy to access and use.


If two websites have the same information, people would tend to use the site that is easy for them; something that doesn’t create any problems for them. Usability and serviceability directly and positively impact a website’s link creation. This said, if you decide to go with the best SEO company in Kochi, you need to be in steady communication with them. You both together need to act as partners towards achieving your goals. It is best to play slow and smart!