We have all had a difficult time with this pandemic personally as well as business-wise. Currently, economies all over the world are beginning to reopen. It is time for you to gradually but surely, re-engage with customers through social media. During the lockdown, if you had been quiet, or things were slow; you need to get active now and ensure that your brand is put out there. Your digital marketing campaigns need to be inclusive of social media re-marketing. This way you get additional points for connecting with customers and staying on their minds even after they leave the site.

Customers look towards social media to find out answers about safety precautions, business hours etc. Because of COVID-19, Instagram and Facebook activity have increased; live views too. Hence, it is not enough that you post on your site only. Social media marketing is becoming more important during such times. Here we have given you some ideas that will help you start or reopen your business after COVID-19. For more tips and ideas, you can also contact a well-experienced social media marketing company in Kochi.

Update your business hours –

Before you start your business post Covid-19, you need to take out time to ensure that your messages are consistent. You need to update your profiles on your website as well as social media. This information should be inclusive of the available service hours, business hours, store hours, if there are any kind of restrictions on number of people that can visit. Such information can be highlighted or tweeted on the top of your feed, so that customers can find the information easily.

If you have made any changes in your operations, your customers need to know it through social media. They should not be up for any kind of surprises if they visit you. Some changes that you should be notifying your customers with are – if they need reservations to visit you, if payment is contactless, need of wearing masks, and so on.

Hosting an event -

Hosting an event is not about celebrating the reopening. Most customers are still afraid of gatherings and most Governments are still extremely strict about physical gatherings. If your business has been closed for a while, you need to build momentum for the first day. For this, you can create a social media event and put in a countdown. You can create an Instagram Story with a countdown feature or a Facebook event wherein your followers will be allowed to RSVP. This event page would be the perfect place where you can host the reopening. Show the customers about the sanitation and hygiene precautions that you are taking. Also include information about mask protocols and social distancing. Keep in mind that you follow any rules that are specified by the state and country that your business operates within.  A reputable social media marketing company in Kochi will be able to help you host such events.

Your media content needs to shift from hard selling to engaging. You need to concentrate on the excitement about your opening. Star a video that shows behind-the-scenes of your team practicing sanitation procedures, cleaning; so that your customer is convinced about his/her safety. If you have introduced any new products, give your customer a visual tour. Make it creative and make your posts consistent.

Specials –

Many customers are still adjusting and scared of COVID-19. Most of them would be reluctant to visit your business on the very first day. Hence, during lockdown if you had been running any Instagram or Facebook ads, you need to ensure that you update them with promotions and about your reopening. In fact, it would be a good idea to offer some specials so that you can attract the customers. You can also post coupons on Instagram story, that followers will be able to take screenshots of and bring them in for redemption.

This said, you also need to give attention to your team. You need to ensure that they are adjusting to the new working timings and methods. Also make sure that they are following all kinds of procedures and precautions that are being advertised.

Live feeds –

Whenever you re-open you can host a live Facebook or Instagram stream. If customers have visited you, you can show their support online. When followers can see that you are taking all kinds of safety precautions, as well as social distancing they would be encouraged to visit you.

In case a reopening does not apply to your business; that is fine too! However, make it a point to go live for your customers on a regular basis. Let them know what is new in your product, your business or with your team. For brand loyalty and loyalty of customers, consistent and continuous engagement is imperative. For further ideas and methods, please contact a reputable social media marketing company in Kochi.