Why all the individuals, brands, and businesses have embraced Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter handles? It means they understand the value of social media and are enjoying multiple benefits out of it. A right Social Media Marketing Company in Kochi can help you perform the right social media strategies for your business and effectively acquire the best value to your business or brand.

Social Media Trends you need to know.

Before going in-depth about social media importance, you should know these following crucial social media trends.

  • About 3.5 billion people are making use of different social media platforms across the globe. It is equal to 45% of the total population.
  • Facebook stays the most widely used social media channel in the U.S, and it’s reported that 68% of adults are using Facebook.
  • According to Emarketer, 48.2% of baby boomers, 77.5% Gen X, and 90.4% millennials – by generation are making use of social media channels.
  • Based on the report of GlobalWebIndex, people are spending about an average of 3 hours on social media. Now the Covid-19 has made the people spend 8 to 9 hours on social media.
  • The report on Buffer states that 73% of the marketers consider social media marketing to be the active channel to increase their business visibility.
  • According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social browsers use social media channels to research the products.
  • Based on the report of FourCommunications, 49% of the consumers depend on social media for influencer recommendations.
  • The number of users on Instagram who are putting stories has increased from 150 million in Jan 2017 to 500 million in 2019.
  • According to LyfeMarketing, there is a record of 91% of social media people access different social media channels through mobile devices. Similarly, 80% of the total time spent on social media channels is performed on mobile platforms.

What are the different and top-notch social networking sites?

Countless social networking digital media sites have a unique purpose and characteristics. Below are some of the most preferred and most used social media networks explained in-depth.


It’s one of the most influential and most significant social networks used across the globe, with 1.55 billion active users every month. If you are a fortune 500 company or a startup, make sure you have an active Facebook profile to engage with your targeted audiences.


It’s one of the visual social media platforms developed for people to post, comment, engage, and share through digital media. If your business entirely deals with visuals, you should have an active Instagram channel to stay involved with your targeted customers.


It’s a professional and powerful social media channel. B2B marketing can make use of LinkedIn rather than B2C marketing.


A powerful and compelling platform with 255 million active users monthly. Twitter is considered as the right online marketing tool for those businesses that need to reach instantly. You should have an effective twitter channel and make sure you stay active and reply to every comment you get on your posts. You need to keep smart and quick if you need to get your business top using the Twitter handle.

Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, Google+

These are a few useful social networking sites that you can use to get your business top in your niche. Apart from this, there are so many social networking sites like Snapchat; each has its characteristics. You need to choose the right social media channels based on the goal of your business.

Steps for creating a powerful Social Media Strategy?

A proper strategy, along with social media presence helps you to improve your online business. A good plan will focus on planning, creating, and executing consistent, relevant, and valuable content to retain and attract the targeted audience. Here are some social media strategies that you need to follow to obtain the expected results.

  • The first step is to set goals. You need to know the business goal and create a plan effectively so that you will be able to achieve the desired goal.
  • Know who your targeted audience is. Do not just stick with demographics but also make use of the psychographics to understand your targeted customers.
  • Make sure you select the right social media channel for your business. The social media network you want should add value to your business. Just selecting a social network with billions of active users does not mean it will be the perfect pick for your business; you should analyze and choose the right social media network to bring the acquired results.
  • The last step is that you should analyze, track, and monitor your social media strategies. You need to understand the procedure and make sure whether the approach brings your results. If not, you should find an alternative way to get engaged with your audience.

How can social media help your business?

There are many reasons to come up while talking about social media important for your business. Here are some of the top benefits that social media channels offer you in enhancing your business.

Brand Awareness

One of the profitable and stress-free digital marketing platform to increase the visibility of your business is the social media networking channels. Spending a few hours per week is enough to provide the best customer experience and enhance brand visibility. Having social media channels on every social media platform will help your business and acquire a broad audience to your brand.


Social media marketing is the best and affordable option available for advertising purposes. Having an account on a social media channel is free on every platform. In case if you are doing paid advertising on social media, you can start small and check out whether you are acquiring the expected result. Just spending little money and time on social media means you can earn a higher conversion rate and ROI.

Easy way to stay connected with your customers

Social media channels are the best platform to have the best interaction and engagement with your targeted audience. Make sure you have excellent communication with your audience to increase the conversion rate. Set up a two-way conversation with your customers to identify what their requirements and expectations are. Engagement and connection with the targeted audience can make you win their attention, and also you can make them get your products and services quickly.

Apart from this you also acquire different benefits like

  • Improved SEO Rankings
  • Higher traffic and brand authority
  • Marketplace Awareness
  • Healthier customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced brand loyalty

What is your social media strategy? Are you in the struggle to choose the right social media channel for your business? Get connected with us, the best Social Media Marketing Company in Kochi, to acquire social media marketing benefits for your business.