Branding and Marketing are two essential buzzwords in business, and the result they provide to your business when combined is incredible.

Yes, still many of them have this doubt, whether branding and marketing are the same? No, they aren’t the same. You need to understand both clearly so that you can easily take your business to the next level and reach your desired goal of success. A right Branding Agency in Kochi can also help you in creating the best brand for your business.

Before going in-depth about the topic, let’s check out a simple comparison table of both marketing and branding.





Defines who you really are as a business, and focus on your values, missions, the unique and special features of your company.

Set of strategies, processes, and tools used to promote your company, service, and product actively.

For whom


Intended Audience














Make consumers buy your products by creating a strong impact on their minds.

Customers tend to buy your products immediately.


Develops customer loyalty

Cultivate customers

For whom?



Branding vs. Marketing | their features

Let’s have an overview look at what branding and marketing is.

Branding defines how you are going to develop awareness to the customers. If you know the answer to the following queries, then it’s simple to determine your brand.

  • What is your business core values and principles?
  • What inspired you to start a business?
  • What unique features define your business?
  • What professional style you are going to use in your business?
  • What should come to your customer’s minds when they hear about your brand?
  • What should customers describe your company or brand?
  • What is the mission and vision of your business?
  • What products or services are you going to provide your targeted audience?
  • What is your internal business culture?
  • How are you going to communicate with your customers?

Spend time exploring the answer to the above queries and bouncing them off your professional mentors and colleagues. The above questions completely define your internal culture and operations. It means when you build your internal processes persuasive, then the same gets reflected externally too.

When it comes to marketing, they are wide and vast. It’s a blend of videos, graphics, charts, photos, keywords, text, and more. Marketing is performed using both offline and online methods. Some of the most commonly used marketing strategies include

Marketing acquires customer attentions, whereas branding is the perfect way to keep your customer's attention on you.

If you need to get your customer’s attention and make waves in your industry, marketing is mandatory. Once you have gained your customer attention, you need a powerful feature that should focus on your customer whenever they hear your business; this is where you have to use your branding.

You should make use of the right marketing strategies to make your brand unique from your competitors. In the same way, you need the branding to maintain a relationship, build an influential band, keep them long term with you, and make them come back to you whenever they need a product similar to yours.

Branding first and second the marketing

We all are aware of a famous saying, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Similarly, in terms of business, our saying will look like, which comes first, marketing or branding?  

For instance, if you need to develop your business grandly, branding always stands first and then the marketing. Because you will not be able to market a brand before that you haven’t created yet. You can’t just put a marketing strategy first without even having an idea about the brand. You should have the answers to your brand to market them.  You need to know who you are really as a brand and what products or services you are going to bring to the marketplace, what are your mission, and core values, how are you going to engage with the customers and more to market. As a whole, if you keep branding in the first place, you will know the right marketing strategies and make your business successful. You can bring your brand to life by using proper marketing techniques.

Branding drive loyalty and recognition whereas Marketing drives sales

Every marketing strategy delivers you results, but the results of those marketing techniques you drive should result in sales. You need to drive sales for your business to be successful. When it comes to its branding, it’s a long term approach. Branding helps to build loyalty and provide recognition to your business products and services.

Marketing strategies differ, but branding remains constant.

Few marketing strategies that work today may not work in delivering results tomorrow. You may need a different marketing technique to produce sales. It means the procedures are temporary and differ for the day, year, and season.

When it comes to branding, it’s completely different from marketing. No matter what your business is, if your brand gets identified and stays in the heart of the customers, it’s the same every time. You need to evolve your brand as your company grows and improves. Marketing techniques and strategies may differ by time, year, and season but your brand remains constant forever.

Bottom Line

Marketing is a necessary tool for meeting essential sales goals, acquiring new customers, and developing product awareness. But if you need to send relatable and consistent messages, marketing requires a powerful brand to stand forever. Understanding the variation between marketing and branding is essential to drive more leads and sales for your business. You can approach Qualnex Digital – a leading Branding Agency in Kochi, Kerala for developing a perfect brand strategy for your business.