Staying updated upon the Google search engine algorithm is mandatory to increase conversion and drive quality traffic to your website. Business often makes some common and simple on-page SEO mistakes that end in lower search rankings. Stick with the best SEO Company in Kochi as they can help you in driving quality traffic without making any Off-page and on-page SEO mistakes. In this blog, we will check about the common on-page SEO mistakes every business makes in-depth.

Top On-Page SEO Mistakes you need to avoid!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of marketing that will take your business top in the Google SERPs. On-page, SEO is essential to make sure your website received the targeted, high-quality traffic. Below are some of the standard on-page SEO mistakes you need to stop doing while performing On-Page SEO practices.              

Duplicate content

When you have copied content on your site, automatically, Google will consider your website as a duplicate page, and therefore your rankings automatically go low. 50% of the website goes through these duplicate content issues and is the main reason for not ranking higher in SERPs. You can quickly solve this by removing them and adding unique and high-quality content to your website.    

Making use of No Follow tags to hide pages

Every business owner hides a few pages from search engines. It’s because to hide a customer-only page or to prevent pages with duplicate content. The website owners’ mistake is to use the “no-follow” tag, which is not useful. You can rectify this issue by using an HTML tag to hide pages.


Internal links that are not structured properly

Internal links are used to connect one page with another page on the website. It’s essential to be strategic and relevant when using internal links on your website. According to Google, the internal structure needs to be logical so that there is a high chance for your keywords to rank in SERPs.

Meta descriptions and title tags with poor optimization

Using proper meta descriptions and title tags is vital as the first thing user see in Google about you is the title tags and meta descriptions. Google also uses these to differentiate and categorize sites. You need to ensure you are including the primary keywords in both title and meta description.

Thin content pages

If your pages have less than 1000 words content on your website, it gets more scrutiny from Google. Thin content denotes the lack of Google crawler’s depth. Long content will help in generating more leads when compared to short-form posts, SlideShare, and infographics. Write long content for your webpages and make your website get ranked on SERPs.

Missing Alt Tags and broken images

Search engines will not be able to see your images so that you need to use alt tags for the search engine to understand your photos. Many research and study have stated that 10% have broken images, and 45% of the websites have missing alt tags. If any of these issues are explored, crawlers will make your rankings lower.

External links from low sites

Only quality and authoritative websites get ranked higher in Google SERPs.  External links are a type of link that you link your web page on other sites with anchor text. You need to ensure the anchor text and link you provide on the content should be relevant to your niche. If it differs, then the language looks duplicated to the search engine, lowering the rankings.

Apart from the above on-page SEO mistakes, lower page loading speed, not including LSI keywords, not writing intent-based content, not using the anchor text correctly, not including CTA for the users, not having an XML sitemap, not making use of the Google tools, and not choosing the right keywords for optimization are also the some of the On-Page SEO mistakes that everyone makes.

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