Digital Marketing is a fancy buzzword ruling the world! According to Pew Research, the number of internet users is increasing for the past three years, and everything has gone digital. Traditional marketing doesn’t matter as digital marketing has started ruling the internet world. Marketing is an effective way to connect your audience with your business or brand at the right time. If you are still not aware of digital marketing aspects, then this blog is for you. Suppose you are a business who have not adopted digital marketing. In that case, it’s the right time to choose the right Digital Marketing Company in Kochi to make your business grow and stay ahead of competitors. Without many words, let’s go directly to the basics of digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing fundamentals you need to know.

What is digital marketing? I hope everyone might have known the answer to this query. If not, it’s an effective marketing technique that uses the internet or electronic device to bring results. All business uses different digital channels like Websites, Email, Social media, and search engines to communicate with prospective and current customers. Digital marketing occurs online and electronically. There are plenty of brand possibilities for digital marketing, and some of them include website-based marketing opportunities, social media, video, and email.

Digital Marketing types

There are seven crucial digital marketing types every individual and business should be aware of, namely

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketers use the SEO to optimize the website content, and therefore your business captures first place in the SERPs. There are two effective SEO strategies, namely On-page and Off-page SEO, which helps your website pages to get the first rank in the search engine page results just by doing organically. While dealing with SEO, you should stick with White Hat and neglect Black Hat SEO as they may lead to website block.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is used by most of the marketers for its affordability and wide availability. Every business creates a business profile on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more to start advertising their business through effective campaigns.

3. Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketers start promoting their product or services and acquire profit whenever the customer or visitor purchases a particular service or product. There are four different marketing elements included in the affiliate marketing: the merchant, the publisher or affiliate, the customer, and the network.

4. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps in making your task easier. You can use the right marketing automation tools to send newsletters to your business subscribers. Automating social media posts is essential when you do not have much time to do frequent posts. Similarly, different marketing channels promote products or services, which is done through marketing campaigns. In this case, you will get various phone calls, emails, and queries from the customers, and it’s not easy to do this by yourself. Automation software can be used for this case to make your work easier.

5. Content Marketing

You need quality and unique content on your website to make your website pages rank on the search engines. The marketers use content marketing to deliver the perfect type of content as per the targeted audiences’ requirements. Offering the best value content to the user that they expect in original is the secret of content marketing.

6. PPC (Pay Per Click)

Marketers make use of the Pay Per Click when there is no organic visit to your website. PPC is used to increase the visiting audience to your web pages. Creating a successful PPC campaign is essential, and therefore it’s better to have some PPC specialists who know how to make the best PPC campaign by spending less amount on the results.

7. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an old method but an effective method to bring visitors to your website. It helps in enhancing your website traffic, lead generation process, and also the product-related sign-ups. Different types of email campaigns run for blogs, welcome the customers, follow up emails after selling a service or product, offer valuable posts and tips to the customers, and more.

Some of the job profiles available for digital marketing include Content Marketer, Web developer/web designer, PPC/search engine marketing experts, search engine optimization executive, social media manager, and more.

I hope now you are aware of the digital marketing basics. If you are searching for the best Digital Marketing Company in Kochi, contact us! Any queries or comments regarding digital marketing topics are welcome.