The success of an effective website design means it covers every critical function that engages the visitors visiting your website. Functionality, simplicity, imagery, typography, colors, and consistency are essential factors that make a website design look good. You start to get potential customers to your business once you have a well-designed website with relevant and high-quality content. It attracts the visitors towards your web design, and the trust over you get increased with the best user experience.

You can stick with some best Web Design Company Cochin, Kerala, to grab the best web design for your website. A simple website that is well-structured and with outstanding usability performs well in search engines. You need to know how you should design a good website. In this blog, we have explained some best principles you need to follow to have a good web design website for your business.

Top-notch principles you need to follow for a good website design.

You need the best professionals experienced in web design to develop a good website design. Below are the principles you can follow by yourself to make your website design engaging, persuasive, user-friendly, and aesthetic.

Simplicity is the key.

When it comes to web design, if you overdesign your website, you will lose. Never put more elements in your page as they may distract the visitors from visiting your website. Make sure you design a simple website design, and this makes your website look clear, attractive, engaging, and the main thing is that navigation will be more comfortable. Loading your website design with too many elements reduces the page loading speed, which is one of the essential key factors to get top ranking in SERPs. Make sure to have a simple website design so that visitors can find your website easy to use.

Readability and typography

Use fonts that are simple to read. Helvetica, Arial, and other modern sans-serif fonts can be used for the body text. Similarly, for different design elements like buttons, body texts, and headlines, you need to use the right typefaces combination. You also should focus on the text as it is the central aspect that offers clear information about your site. Typography needs to be readable and visually appealing for every type of SEO sensitive element like meta-data, keywords, and more.

Imagery and color palette

If you have the right color combination on your site, it means the user can easily get attracted to your site. Choose a color palette that can provide a pleasing atmosphere, which helps to get a good impact on your site. It also improves your user experience and provides a balanced look. Make use of the white spaces as they can avoid mess and visual clutters from your website. Do not dump colors. Just 3 to 4 colors will work better for a clear and appealing design. Similarly, you should not go with vibrant images as it may distract the visitors from entering your site.

Simple navigation

If your website has easier navigation, your visitors will spend more time on your website, leading to increased sales. Follow the three-click-rule while designing the navigation part so that the visitors will acquire the complete information within three clicks. Make use of the bread scrums, design clickable buttons, and create a logical page hierarchy for excellent and effective website navigation.


Focus more on match design elements on every page. It indicates that all of your button styles, headings, sub-headings, sizes, and fonts are the same across the website. Do not use font styles or size in a rush, plan everything before so that you can follow them throughout the process of development without getting confused or stressed on them.

Mobile responsiveness

The rise of tablets, smartphones, and other devices has provided the need for mobile compatibility. You need to make sure whether your website design support every screen size. If not, you will not be able to outstand from your competitors. Many service points or web design studios can be used to turn your desktop design supported by every significant screen size.

Faster loading of pages

What if your website takes too much time to load? The visitors will start moving to the next website, which has a good loading speed. You need to optimize your website design in a way that the page load quickly and fast. You can combine the code JavaScript file or central CSS to decrease the HTTP request. You can also compress CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for improved and easier loading speed.

It’s easy to develop a functional and aesthetic website if you have followed the above web design principles correctly. You can also stick with some best Web Design Company Cochin, Kerala, so that they know how to design the website with the above basic web design principles for results. Drop down your queries or doubts on the comment section below.