SMM and PPC are two different approaches used for gaining website traffic. Apart from this, SEO also gets added to the approach that helps in gaining website traffic. Stick with any PPC agency in Kochi or Social Media Marketing Company in Kochi so that they can help in achieving traffic to your site using these practical approaches. Today in this blog, we can check the first two approaches, namely SMM and PPC, in-depth.

SMM and PPC | An Overview

Social Media Marketing uses social media platforms to achieve the acquired business goals, engage with the target industry, and foster interest. The objectives of SMM focus on sales, fundraising, brand awareness, and leadership.

Pay Per Click Advertising is the process of placing advertising online, and the people get directed to your website when they click on the advertisement. Google AdWords is the standard PPC campaign where you need to pay the google and other search engines to showcase your advertisement when a key user searches for a keyword in Google.

SMM and PPC | The difference

Both can be used for gaining traffic, but you need to ensure which approach is best for your business to reach the acquired end goal or result. Below are some of the factors to consider, which would be the best approach for your business type.

Tools variability

SMM ranks higher when compared to PPC when it comes to tool variability that the advertiser can use it from vlogging, categorized targeting, hashtags, and video ads. This enables the advertisers to showcase their services and products intuitively. It also helps in creating credibility and reinforce the brand image.

PPC and SMM costs

The total investment for each approach is based on the method you will use it to gain traffic. PPC costs higher when compared to SMM, but you can use PPC in a useful way to reduce the total investment in it. If you can get campaigns, landing pages, advertisements, and keywords all working in the right way together, then there will be higher profit and rapid return on investment for your business. When considering PPC campaigns, most companies prefer to choose a PPC agency in Kochi or PPC consultants.


PPC is more comfortable with optimizing when compared to Social media marketing. Apart from that, ad campaigns are less effective. There is analytics found on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but the same cannot be explored on the PPC platforms. PPC helps in optimizing and measuring the data effectively when compared to social media marketing.

Search volumes and keywords

The keywords planner from Google helps to list the right type of keywords by using different algorithms over time. It enables users to explore cost-effective and relevant keywords based on your business niche. PPC attracts fewer searches, but there is a high chance for 100% users to convert into customers.

PPC or SMM – Which one to choose?

Both PPC and SMM have higher advantages. Social Media Marketing is more effective and creative when compared to PPC, and this also provides diverse options for gaining user trust and developing a strong brand identity. PPC provides more optimization and analysis, and this helps in making more informed decisions. Both pay per click and social media marketing deliver combined value and using both is the best way to generate conversions and awareness.