Both web designers and web developers create every powerful and beautiful website on the Internet. A typical person or someone new to the software field gets confused by web design and web development. Few thinks both are the same, and some others interchange the meaning of both web designers and web developers. The truth is that both professions are different.

Few small business companies do not take web designers for their organization and ask the web developer to perform web design and development. When it comes to giant enterprises, they bring web designers and web developers to build a robust, interactive, and beautiful website for their business. If you are the one who is also confused with the profession, you can hire the best Web Design Company, Cochin, Kerala, who can help you with both web design and development. In this blog today, let’s check out the difference between web design and web development and web designers and developers to develop a website.

Web Design |An Overview

Web design deals with the website’s usability and visual aesthetics, including information flow, layout, color scheme, and other things related to the UI/UX visual aspects. A few standard tools and skills that differentiate the website design from web development include

  •       Typography
  •       Color palettes
  •       Storyboards, mock-ups, and wireframes
  •       Branding
  •       Format/layout
  •       Logo and graphic design
  •       Design software like Adobe Creative Suite.

What does the web designer perform?

The web designer’s primary role is to imagine or create an interface that seeks and attracts user attention. Here are some of the web designer roles you need to know.

  •       Web designers use tools like Sketch, Framer, Adobe Photoshop, and more to design the website’s blueprint.
  •       Web designers know how to design a perfect User interface website at an affordable price and less complexity.
  •       A web designer updates the website layout based on the industry’s latest trends and incorporates unique features.
  •       A web designer knows how to design a logical and balanced layout.
  •       A web designer holds the skills and knowledge in logo and graphic design.
  •       A web designer designs a perfect slot that contains every website element like general formats, buttons, images, and more.
  •       A web designer knows to use the right fonts and colors on the website to seek potential customers’ attention.

Web Development |An Overview

Web Development |An Overview

Web development deals with codes to develop a website. Front end and back end are two categories included in web development. The front end is also called the client-side of the application, and this is the code that determines the website’s actual look. The server-side or back-end application serves the data to the client-side and manages data within the database. The web development tools and skills include

  •       Git and GitHub
  •       Libraries like jQuery
  •       Framework like Ember, ReactJS, AngularJS, and more.
  •       CSS Pre-processors like Sass, LESS
  •       JavaScript/CSS/HTML

What does the web developer perform?

Web developers are of three types, namely front-end developers, back end developers, and full-stack developers. They are the programmers who use the layouts, programming, and mark-up language to develop a perfect code for the website. Some of the things that web developers perform include

  •       Develop the UI/UX for the website with tools like JS, CSS, and HTML languages.
  •       Front end developers build an interface that holds dynamic content and also makes them load faster on all type of browsers.
  •       Back-end developers deal with the database and the main logic of the website.
  •       Both front end and back end developers do a clear communication to develop the website’s right code.
  •       Web developers design the model as presented by the web-designers.

Both web design and web development are various professionals, but web developers have higher job opportunities than web designers. Web designers take care of the website layout, but web developers are the one who brings life to the website by developing code with various technologies. If you need the best Web Design Company Cochin, Kerala, contact us!

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