The number of people who are purchasing online has been increasing for the past few years. In 2019, it’s recorded that 40% of the users prefer online purchasing, and the growth will get increased higher in the upcoming years. The COVID impact in 2020 has increased the e-commerce transformation to a peak. If you have an online business, following the best eCommerce trends will help you make your online store grow. You can also hire some of the best E-commerce Website Development Kochi, Kerala, to make your eCommerce store grow to a peak. In this blog, we will check some of the top eCommerce trends you can follow in 2020 to succeed.

The future of eCommerce after the impact of COVID – 19

The eCommerce penetration rate is increased to 25% in 2020, which was 15% in 2019. With the government implementing lockdown by shutting every store, the people have shifted to online shopping to get the items they require in this pandemic. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, says that he has seen a higher growth due to the pandemic.

Augmented reality

When it comes to online shopping, Augmented reality is called the game-changer. It enables the shoppers online to visualize the products or services they are interested in. It helps to create the best shopping experience for online shoppers. VR and AR applications will have massive growth in the verticals of healthcare, real estate, military, engineering, retail, and education.

Mobile payments and mobile shopping

Mobile commerce is seeing a higher rise due to the advent of mobile phones. Most of the users make use of their smartphones and other mobile devices to make the purchase. An average internet user makes use of smartphones at least four to five hours per day. Ecommerce businesses optimize mobile-friendly websites and apps to make their clients enjoy the best mobile experience.

Voice commerce

Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri and other voice assistants are more popular and growing high. By 2023, there will be at least 9 billion devices with voice assistants’ support across the globe. It’s also predicted that voice commerce is expected to grow to 50 billion by the end of the year 2022.  

Machine learning and AI

The potential of machine learning and AI is increasing day by day. The AI has seen profitable growth, and this will cross every stage of a customer journey, said Danielle Strouther, the owner of Adzooma.com. Always the AI and Machine learning top the hottest trend every year.


The chatbot market will see a higher growth of more than one thousand dollars by the end of the year 2025. Chatbots will tend to stay as the most prominent and hottest eCommerce trend forever.


Ecommerce personalization is the best way to provide the best shopping experience to the users that cater to single customers and not for a particular type of audience. It’s also said to be the one-size fit approach when it comes to eCommerce. Social media, on-site browsing, paid ads, email, and other vital elements get changed based on the customer’s past behavior and requirements.

Other eCommerce trends to note in 2020

  • Big data have a significant role in developing the best-personalized experience for the users
  • Customers start responding to videos
  • Subscriptions will be one vital part of bringing back customers to you.
  • B2B is changing, and therefore it tends to grow higher in upcoming years.
  • API-driven and headless eCommerce enables continued innovations.
  • The role of social media will have a significant role in eCommerce.
  • Environmental topics will start influencing the customers.

Follow the above Ecommerce trends and see the magic. Pick the best E-commerce Website Development Kochi, Kerala, and make them apply the perfect eCommerce trends for your online business. For any queries or suggestions, drop your comments in the below section.