When people go searching for a service or product, they should come to ‘you’ and not your competitor – this is what any business wants! The only way to go about it is efficient SEO that will increase your traffic organically; not mindless SEO or pay-per-click advertising which is expensive. The only thing you need to do to increase the organic traffic is not spend money but rather spend quality time on it. The best SEO company in Kochi can help guide you towards the right path. Let us look at 5 ways that can bring you good and organic SEO traffic

1. Optimize the right way

As businesses, we assume that optimization should be done for the search engines. But you couldn’t be more wrong! Optimization should be for the readers and users. You need to first pinpoint who your audience is. Only then can you make content which addresses the right kind of person. When you listen to the best SEO company in Kochi and create quality content that is educational and sounds right for the ideal buyers; your SEO improves naturally.

This essentially means looking into the persona main issues and ultimately the keywords that would be used for search queries. If you go according to search engine optimization alone, you would be left with keyword riddles which makes matters more confusing. You need to work towards pleasing your target audience and ultimately you will end up pleasing the search engines.

2. Consistent Blogging

One of the most effective way in which you can increase the traffic to your site organically is blogging. It lets you get in more deeply, even more than your website. It crafts a huge directory of helpful, and optimized content centred around the audience and your niche. This said, please do keep in mind that the blog needs to be creative, interesting and have a positive impact. If it is spammy, cheap or poor written – it can end up doing more harm to you and your website.

If you have created a good content catalogue, you can use internal links which would guide audience to related content. That way, visitors stay on your site longer, which ultimately boosts your rankings. But be careful! The usage needs to be ideal. If you use too many internal links, then it could look like a spam.

Not only can you blog, but you can also comment, link, or read other’s blogs and sites, especially those pertaining to your market or niche. Eventually, they would comment, read, or link to your blogs too which can ultimately bring in more prospects. Quora is one such example. You can get your voice out there and answer other’s questions. That way, you get to show others that you have valuable insights and that you are an expert in your area. You can also seek help from the best SEO company in Kochi.

3. Proper keyword usage

We tend to use popular keywords of our market. Do not go by popularity! Use the right kind of keywords that are specific to the service or product that you are in. Google or other websites would eventually recognize your blog or website as ‘the’ intention of a subject. This will advance your content and help the right audience find you – thus search rankings! Please keep in mind that Google ranking can be attained only if you own the influence for a nice topic and not by targeting every single related keyword.

4. Social media presence

It is imperative that you have a social media presence in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and so on. All this will circulate your website address and name on the Internet. You could also add in share buttons on your website. That way, people can share your content and it circulates further. But ensure that your content is worthwhile that people would want to share it.

Do not forget about YouTube. It is probably the most popular site and social media platform. True, video marketing may not be applicable for all. But most of us can play around with it and make the most of it.

5. Design for smartphones first and foremost

Most of the purchases and searches are done by people on their mobiles. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, most have made purchases online through their phones, most of them use smartphones to check up on product reviews, look for store locations or for comparing prices. The most important point – Google has gone mobile too. In March of 2020, Google came up with the announcement that it will mainly use the smartphone user-agent for crawling sites. This essentially means that your sites mobile version will be first crawled as well as indexed before the desktop version. Thus, any new site that is built should first concentrate on the mobile version. The desktop version of course, remains important; but the mobile version needs to be prioritized.

SEO is one field that keeps developing and evolving. So, marketers and business owners need to adapt accordingly. One needs to stay in touch with technical trends and go with a reputable and best SEO company in Kochi.