Pay-per-click advertising or PPC can be an extremely effective tactic to broaden your brand awareness, business traffic, and conversions. This said, marketing trends keep changing and evolving. PPC strategies that may have worked in the past may fall flat in current times. What a business needs to do is stay on top and keep updated with new technologies and platforms that are continuously on the rise. A reputable PPC agency in Kochi can help and guide you through an effective and efficient tactic for your business.

Now, when it comes to broadening one’s business traffic; content marketing and SEO also need to be a part of the website design. This should also be inclusive of a well-formed social media plan. Online marketing plans will bring in gain in traffic, though it may take some time. So, what do you do if you want faster results? Is there a faster process? Well, yes, there is!

PPC is a great tool that gives you the chance to target your audience effectively. If you follow conventional methods and only focus on SEO strategies, then you may end up neglecting a portion of searchers, no matter what your ranking is. On the contrary, PPC lets you target your audience from various aspects thus generating optimal exposure. Here are some ways in which PPC can be used to diversify your traffic –

Good content –

PPC involves three areas – campaigns, ad groups and ads. Each of these areas need high-quality ad copies so that positive clicks through rates are generated. You need to concentrate on the description, headline, network related elements, and URL. The content would relate to the network. The headlines need to be extremely creative as it is the very first thing that everyone sees. It needs to bring in curiosity and be relevant. An experienced PPC agency in Kochi can help you with such a headline.

When it comes to your project range, the ads are the tiniest. Physical ads need to be created for the users. Then at least an ad group for each product needs to be made. When it comes to a campaign, it can have several ad groups. It embodies your PPC labours for all the products. Every ad of every level needs to have qualitative PPC ad text which would bring you positive click through rates.

Ad Groups – When you set up ad groups, it has two main elements – first start with naming them and then pick who you want to target with the ads. If you end up targeting the wrong audience, your ad may be excellent, but it will not work for you at all. For the search engines, you need to choose the keywords for showing the ads.

If you choose the correct keywords for your ad, then your conversion rate can be amazing. But if you miss out or do not choose the related ad text keywords, then it may not work out well. This is exactly why you need to also select phrase match keywords too. Any search query that has your keyword will bring up your ad because of the phrase match keywords.

Once the PPC ad campaign is done, the next step would be the landing page. When people click on your ad, they need to end up with a perfect landing page. If the landing page is good, then you would get immediate conversions. It would be ideal to associate social PPC ad copy and email marketing together. Your landing page can offer a lead magnet which can capture the target audience’s email address. Once that is done, you will need to send valuable content and only then pitch your product.

Remarketing – Remarketing is also something that needs to be given thought to. Place a pixel on the website that will track anyone who visits. If they do not buy anything, then you can use the tracking info and display to them targeted ads through a PPC network like Facebook, Google Ads and so on. There are two options that come under it. A remarketing campaign can be created for a PPC network that you choose. Or else, you can create a campaign so that you aim at various networks in one go. The second option is more beneficial as it ensures that visitors of all networks are targeted, and your net is wider. After all, time is an essential factor, and the second option brings in faster results. Remarketing can bring in awesome ROI rates for some businesses.

PPC advertising can be quite scary initially. However, it can be a great way to drive business towards your website and to diversify or broaden your traffic. Content marketing or SEO can bring in variances; and PPC can protect you from that. The key is to be patient and develop ad campaigns that are profitable. It can take practice and time, but it will be rewarding. A good PPC agency in Kochi can help you in this process.