If you have your own business; then you are probably aware about the importance of social media. You are also aware that you need to connect as much as you can with your customers. If you do not do this, then you might just lose out and you can also compromise your marketing tactics. A reputable digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala can help you with the right kind of plan.

The Social Media tactics that you adopt

If you expect that your campaign is successful, then you need to keep building your presence. You need to also think about the followers, else you may be pushing content which is not relevant at all. Social media marketing can be quite strenuous at times. To get through this, you need to set goals that are measurable and create a plan that will help you attain those goals. Let us look at some mistakes that you may be making in your social media marketing plans –

1. Negative comments –

Do you know, many companies do not respond to more than 50% of their negative customer experiences? Well, admittedly it is not easy to handle negative comments. This said, one should not be ignoring these comments either. This could spoil your entire social media campaign. The negative comments that you see may not bring in much of a response from other followers, but it may affect your business. These negative comments even if there are few can influence others. They may not really mention it; but they might not intend to purchase your brand at all and thus this works negatively against you. So, you must respond to any negative comments with appropriate messages and convert these negative users to becoming positive buyers.

What should you avoid?

  • Never delete any negative mentions or comments against you.
  • Please keep in mind that the message cannot be controlled. However, you can always control the way you respond.
  • Do not let your employees post any kind of personal messages.
  • Please avoid using any kind of legal threats.

What should you do?

  • Whether the comments are negative or positive, you need to respond to them and thus engage the followers. It can help you get a positive reputation.
  • You can ask the customer to call you or email you for further discussion.
  • If you hire a social media marketing  company in Kochi, Kerala, ensure that they know what kind of message you are trying to give out and are communicating accordingly.
  • Always respond to messages whether positive or negative immediately and do not wait.
2. Human touch -

You should always make sure that your company has a human touch and is not a faceless corporation. If you give out a corporate kind of look, customers may see through this. After all, social media is entirely about communication. If you put a front like a faceless corporation then you would have no place on social media. When you bring social media into the picture, you need to ensure that you have a positive human touch. When you comment or respond to social media, you need to ensure that it is not through your stock messages or through your corporate. You need to address it on a personal basis.

You need to avoid automated messages completely. Instead your responses need to be personalised. When you talk to customers, make it a point to use your own name; also incorporate the brand image. Responses of this kind can make you and your brand seem friendlier to followers. This way, you can also stand out among your competitors.

3. Over-promotion –

The entire story behind going onto social media, is to be able to communicate well and put up a social front to your customers. But at the end of the day, people do not really like anyone who tries to endorse themselves too much. Too much marketing can always bring in only negative results. When you are on social media it would be best to be subtle. If you are not delicate you may find that your messages will not resonate with the followers and you will end up struggling. Here are a couple of things you can adopt so that you do not over promote yourself –

  • Engage your customers in intelligent conversation.
  • Do not always be promoting or selling. Your posts need to be about responding and mingling with the customers.
  • Try to be informational and helpful to your followers.

Put across your skills in the way of being helpful. For example, if your profession is a website designer then you can write about creating a good site, you can write related blogs, about AdWords, and header images. After the post, you can end with contact details. Once you do this, you will be able to see yourself as an influencer and you will not have to self-promote yourself. You can get such tactics and more detailed ideas from a digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala.